Guide to Play Card Betting in Football for beginner

In football betting, there are various enticing and diverse betting options. One of these attractive options, which has been chosen by many bettors over time, is the Corner Card or Total Bookings betting. In this article, Wintips will help you understand Corner Card betting and the necessary tips for every player.

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What is Corner Card Betting?
In football betting, you don't just bet on the match result; there are many other betting options available. Corner Card, also known as Total Bookings, is a type of bet placed on the number of yellow and red cards in a match. Players place bets based on the options provided by the bookmakers. Now, you no longer need to analyze the match outcome.
Corner Card betting is quite diverse and has been a popular choice for a long time. To make it more engaging, players can choose from various additional betting options. This type of betting is also favored by experienced and professional bettors.
Is Corner Card Betting Easy?
Many newcomers believe that Corner Card betting is easier than Asian Handicap or Malaysian odds. However, this is quite a misconception. Corner Card betting can be challenging.
To excel in Corner Card betting, players need logical and accurate thinking. You need to be able to analyze matches effectively.
With the development of VAR technology, Corner Card betting will become more accurate, and you can apply your knowledge to place bets.
In many matches, Corner Card betting can be full of surprises, especially in prestigious tournaments like the UEFA Champions League.
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Basic Types of Corner Card Bets to Know
Here are some fundamental Corner Card bets that players should be familiar with:
Handicap Bet: Similar to Asian Handicap, players place bets based on the odds provided by the bookmakers.
Over/Under Bet: Players bet on the total number of cards shown during the match.
Even/Odd Bet: Players bet on whether the total number of cards shown will be even or odd.
Yellow/Red Card Bet: Players bet on how many yellow and red cards will be shown in the match. Two yellow cards are not counted as one red card.
Player Card Predictions: Players bet on which players will receive cards and how many.
Tips for Successful Corner Card Betting
To accurately assess Corner Card bets and choose the right options, consider the following tips:
Learn about the match referee. Analyze their past records to understand whether they tend to show many or few cards. This will give you an idea of the match's direction.
Understand the playing style of each team. Some teams prefer aggressive and physical play, leading to more cards, while others favor a more possession-based style with fewer cards.
Consider the nature of the match. In knockout rounds and finals, where both teams need to win, there tend to be more cards compared to group stage matches or games with no significant stakes.

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With the knowledge provided in this article, players can comfortably enjoy Corner Card betting. With what you've learned, you can choose the most suitable betting options for your preferences. Wishing you good luck in your betting journey.

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