Guide to play corner kick bets from A to Z

According to the Betting Guide section, corner kick bets are one of the popular types of bets in football betting. This type of bet is simple to play and has a very high winning rate. So, what exactly is a corner kick bet? How can we accurately analyze corner kick bets? Let's find the answers in the following article from Wintips

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What is a corner kick bet?
Before exploring how to analyze corner kick bets, let's understand this type of bet. It is a side bet in sports betting similar to yellow card bets, red card bets, or Asian handicap bets. Although it may not be as famous as other forms of betting, it still holds a unique appeal for players.
With corner kick bets, you don't have to worry about the match score or which team wins or loses. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the total number of corner kicks in the match. Along with that are factors such as which team takes the first corner kick and which team takes the last corner kick in the match. Bookmakers usually base their corner kick odds on specific matches.
Many players choose this type of bet because of its extremely high winning rate. As long as you invest a little time and effort to gather information and data about the two teams in detail, you can benefit greatly.

Guide to analyzing corner kick bets accurately
If you want to play any type of bet to achieve high efficiency, you need to carefully analyze each tournament and team. From there, you can predict the number of corner kicks with an accuracy of around 10 to 12 times.
Specifically, the first corner kick will take place within the first 8 minutes. The bookmakers will provide accurate odds for you to place your bets. According to experienced betting experts' analysis, the number of corner kicks will fall into three fixed groups:
Group 1: Ranks 2-4 usually have around 10.5 corner kicks.
Group 2: Ranks 5-17 usually have an average of 10.6 to 11.5 corner kicks in a match.
Group 3: Ranks 18-20 will have more than 11 corner kicks.
Therefore, based on the statistics mentioned above, you can notice that 48% of the matches in Group 1 usually have a corner kick after the 5th minute. As for Group 2, this number increases to about 53%.
By applying these analyzed statistics, you can enhance your corner kick betting strategy and increase your chances of winning.
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Note when playing corner kick bets
First and foremost, you need to thoroughly research the situation of the teams you're considering to bet on. The more information you have about their playing style, lineup, tactics, defense, and more, the more accurate your decision will be. In cases where both teams are evenly matched, the pace of the game will be more intense and heated. Such situations often create vulnerabilities in the defense that can be exploited.
At the beginning of the match, players are still fresh and full of energy. This is also the time when they continuously launch attacks on the opponent's goal. Therefore, corner kicks often occur right at the start of the match. It's advisable to place your bets right from the beginning of the game.
Usually, the first corner kick is more likely to be awarded to the team considered stronger. If you're betting on the team to have the last corner kick, the team in need of a goal is more likely to have a higher chance of winning the last corner.
Another suggestion is to accumulate as much betting experience from various sources as possible to have a broader perspective. It's best to participate in football forums or sports news platforms to gain the most comprehensive view. Being able to engage in large forums also helps you learn from and interact with more experienced players.

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Above are the methods we have compiled for analyzing corner kick bets. Although this type of bet may not be as famous, many players still prefer and choose it because of its simplicity and high winning rate without having to worry about specific goals or which team loses.

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