What is the name of Big Brother Titans Housemates?

Do you want to know the names of all the Big Brother Titans Housemates? The show launched with 20 housemates, but four additional housemates were introduced four days after the initial launch to make it 24. 12 of the housemates are from Nigeria while the other 12 are from South Africa. Here are the names, age, occupation and country of the Big Brother Titans Housemates:

  1. Khosi (F): 25 Year old Journalist from South Africa
  2. Yemi Cregx (M): 30 Year old Entreprenuer from Ekiti, Nigeria
  3. Siya Juicy Jay (M): 27 year old Rugby Player from Tata, South Africa
  4. Olivia (F): 23 year old Influencer from Lagos, Nigeria
  5. Nelisa (F): 25 year old Entrepreneur from Durban, South Africa
  6. BlaqBoi (M): 26 year old content creator from Jos, Nigeria
  7. Mmeli (M): 27 year old Model / Content Creator from Hillbrow, South Africa
  8. Nana (F): 22 year old Entrepreneur from Kaduna, Nigeria
  9. Ipeleng (F): 25 year old Law Student from North West, South Africa
  10. Mavin (M): 29 year old Chemical Engineer / Model from Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  11. Thabang (M): 21 year old model from Soweto, South Africa
  12. Jaypee (F): 25 year old Nurse from Lagos, Nigeria
  13. Yaya (F): 31 year old Entrepreneur from Cape Town, South Africa
  14. Ebubu (M): 28 year old Actor / Model from Anambra, Nigeria
  15. Lukay (M): 31 year old Sale Rep from Free State, South Africa
  16. Jenni O. (F): 25 year old Health and Safety Specialist from Imo, Nigeria
  17. Tsatsii (F): 24 year old Biomedical Engineering Student from Pretoria, South Africa
  18. Kanaga Jr. (M): 23 year old Entrepreneur from Abia, Nigeria
  19. Justin (M): 21 year old Photographer / Content Creator from East London, South Africa
  20. Yvonne (F): 27 year old Model / Skin Care Enthusiast from Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria
  21. Blue Aiva (F): 22 year old Professional Dancer / DJ from Limpopo, South Africa
  22. Miracle OP (M): 24 year old staff of a family owned Pharmaceutical company from Anambra, Nigeria
  23. Sandra (F): 27 year old Former Beauty Queen / Model / Entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria
  24. Theo Traw (M): 29 year old Musician from Vaal, South Africa

Source: https://www.naijatechguide.com/2023/01/big-brother-titans.html

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