How to make money in the automotive Industry

This thread is dedicated to discuss legitimate jobs and business opportunites; how young graduates and entrepreneurs can harness accurate information to get jobs/more sales in the car and transport sector.


  • How to Become a Car Sales Consultant
    Car sales consultants work for dealerships and use their skills of persuasion to sell new or used cars. The job is a good fit for open, personable people who have a gift for building rapport with customers – you must be able to make customers feel comfortable about making one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Most car sales consultants earn a modest base salary, plus a generous commission. So the more cars you sell, the more money you make.
  • Criteria and Requirements for Auto Sales Consultant in Nigeria
    The best qualification is a willingness to work hard and learn, however, since most of the training happens on the job. As a new trainee, you can expect to pair up with an experienced salesperson for a few weeks or months until you have learned the trade. For example, You can work as a sales consultant for a car dealer in Lakowe Lekki-Lagos.
    Some employers might want to prefer candidates with a school certificate and maybe graduate from an higher institution. Whichever way, you must be able to demonstrate your skills and readiness to work assiduously.
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