Essay on The United States Air Force

Winston Churchill once stated, "Not having an adequate Air Force at the moment in the world is to compromise foundations of independence and freedom" (Quotes About Everything). This is why the Air Force and the military are important to America. The Air Force is a source of security and safety for the citizens. The military lifestyle is not always the first option for everyone. The U.S. Air Force, in particular, is not always the first thing that comes to mind when considering the future. People often decide to enlist in any military branch because they are uncertain of their future. "... I had no career goals or educational plans. It was just what my path led me "
Insurance will cover an airman who becomes permanently disabled or is unable to work because of illness. Many airmen find insurance useful and essential. Retirement plans are also important. After twenty years of service, an airman can choose to retire (Retirement). Civilians, unlike the Air Force essay examples, must wait until a certain age to retire (Retirement). This can be anywhere from sixty-two years to seventy years. It is also known as Social Security. When thinking about the future, insurance and retirement are two of the most important considerations. The United States Air Force offers a sense of security in both economic and financial safety. A person doesn't just think about money in the economy, but also considers how it affects their body and mind. Everyone experiences stress in their lives. People can experience emotional problems from their stress levels every day. Civilians worry about their daily work and financial problems just as much as they worry about their finances. To test how they react to different situations, Airmen take a test. TAPAS (Tailored Adapted Personality Assessment System) tests the applicant's leadership and personality skills. Personality tests can help determine if the applicant is suited for military life or how well they can deal with certain obstacles.
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