Why can't the pipeline pump fill water?

Why can't the pipeline pump fill water?

There are many pump products, even if it is the same pump, the model will be different. Different kinds of pumps have different effects, so there are pumps in many fields. Of course, we also know that the pump with the best quality will encounter some thorny problems. For example, in the process of using the pipeline pump, some friends will find that it suddenly can't fill water. Why? Let's analyze it today.

There is air in the water inlet pipe and pump body

When encountering the problem that the pipeline pump can't supply water, don't panic first. We should recall whether we poured enough water into the pipeline pump before starting it? Some pumps do not need to be filled with water before starting, while some pumps must be filled with water before starting. Pipeline pumps belong to the latter category. If there is insufficient water in the pipeline pump, a small amount of air will remain at the inlet pipe. In this way, the pipeline pump will not be able to pump water. Even if you are filled with water sometimes, the water may overflow from the vent hole. I hope you can pay more attention.

Packing wear

You can check your stainless steel pipe pump to see if there is a problem of packing wear. The packing of some pipeline pumps is seriously worn due to long-term use. If the packing is worn to a large extent, it will affect the normal operation of the pipeline pump, which will not only make the pipeline pump unable to fill water, but also cause other problems. At this time, it is recommended to replace the packing. In addition, if the packing is not worn, you should check whether the packing is too loose. Too loose packing will also cause the pipeline pump to fail to fill with water.

The installation screw cap is not tight

Are the mounting screws of your pipeline pump tightened? If it is not tightened, then hurry to solve it. If the installation screw cap is not tightened, it will cause water leakage or electric leakage of the pipeline pump. At the same time, the pipeline pump may not be able to pump water.

Although the pipeline pump is only one kind of pump, it involves a wide range of fields. What I'm going to introduce here today is only one aspect of the pipeline pump.

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