There Is a Whole C Level Executive List Science Behind

The event that brings together C Level Executive List the world of Italian digital communication every year in Milan, ended with a record attendance - over 15 thousand attendees declared by the organizers . «We registered an unthinkable C Level Executive List turnout for this edition, the first we organized internally - explained Daniele Sesini, General Manager of IAB Italia -. This makes us understand that we are going in the right direction, focusing C Level Executive List on an innovative, more pragmatic formula.

Which rewards workshops and user C Level Executive List cases, in line with the new strategic direction of our association ». An overview of the Internet ADV market was given by the Operations Director of the Internet Media C Level Executive List Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, Marta Valsecchi , during the opening conference of the event, who presented the new results of the Observatory and the challenges for operators ( here the full article) , underlining that if on the one hand there is a growth of 9%, on the other, as is now known, it is confirmed C Level Executive List that the market is largely in the hands of Facebook and Google, which leave little space for local operators

Index of topics Unlimited C Level Executive List possibilities The new 4 "P's" of digital marketing Bot: when there is a robot in the chat Unlimited possibilities The 2016 edition of IAB took place along the fil rouge of #limitlesspossibilities, the C Level Executive List leitmotive of the event. Infinite possibilities to emerge, thanks to digital, therefore. And to confirm this, a research was commissioned to EY , aimed at demonstrating, for those who still have doubts, how the industry linked to digital has a very extensive perimeter, with C Level Executive List ample opportunities for the entire country system.
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