NECO Exams Timetable SSCE June/July 2011 Download



  • Here is the 2011 neco english question.<br />english oral1-10cccaacccaa 11-20ebadcbbaae 21-30 eeecccbcaa 31-40 ddbccccbaa 1-10 :abdecaedcb 11-20 :eaaadebcbe  21-30 :cdbeaadeeb 31-40 :cedaddddba 41-50 :cadedabecb 51-60 :aedbbbbede  61-70 :aaccbaadeb 71-80 :aaedcaaead 81-90 : becddaabae 90-100:aceaeabdab <br />english<br /> MAKE SURE YOU KNOW AT LEAST ONE BELOW Letter aspect  1.write a letter to commissioner of educatn on poor quality of teacher 2.write an article on relationship blw entertainment and football. 3.Write an essay on the note (ALL DAT WORK HARD DONT ATTAIN FAME) MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ONE OUT OF THE ONCES BELOW Answer one question 4 rm dis section not less than 450  words 1 } write a letter 2 ur uncle, who lives in abroad  dat u have been driven from school on account of  malpractice 2 } write an aticle suitable 4 publication about the mis_conduct of secondry school student 3 } write a debate 4 or against d motion which say, boarding student are more disciplined than day  school student. I cant post all of them because i hv spent up to 30 mins typeing. If u want more of this call 08067705951
  • please help me with neco new timetable i had that Geography has been shift.. but when will it be taking?
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