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GM Chevy Volt wins North America car of the year 2011

  • The Chevy Volt was named North America Car of the Year 2011 at the North America International Auto Show currently taking place in Detroit. The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle manufactured by General Motors GM. The Chevy Volt derives its power from a powerful 16Kw-h Li-ion battery. The beauty of the Chevy Volt is the ease with which it can be charged. It can be plugged into any 120V-240V mains socket meaning the Chevy Volt can easily be charged at home.

    [img width=300 height=206][/img]

    The Chevy Volt also has 74hp 4-cylinder gasoline engine which provides power when battery is depleted. The engine also charges the battery. The Chevy Volt boasts of 40 km to 80 km range on batteries alone. So, for in-city commute say from home to work and back home, the Chevy Volt may never need the engine.

    [img width=300 height=193][/img]

    The Chevy Volt is the pride of General Motors. It marks GM's return to reckon  in the Auto Industry. It also shuts up those who say GM is not creative as the Chevy Volt can only be the work of creative minds. Before this award, the Chevy Volt also won the Motor Trend Magazine's car of the year and Green Car of the Year awards. So, it seems the Chevy Volt is the car of the moment and may probably signal that plug-in hybrid electric technology is coming of age. For folks in Nigeria do not expect to see the Chevy Volt anytime soon. Currently GM sells the Volt in seven regions or states in the US with availability in the whole of US and Canada expected to begin in 2012. 2011 Chevy Volt is put at 40,280 USD (ex-tax and rebate) N6,042,000.
    The Truth is Out There.
  • Wow that's a very good news.Congrats to GM Chevy Volt.GM has truly made quality products and services.But why is it that lately,a large number of reports have been made concerning the transmission in the Saturn Aura of specific model years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been looking at the problem since last year. Other General Motors models that were created on the same system as the Aura are also being looked at by the NHTSA. Resource for this article: NHTSA widens probe of Saturn Aura transmission.How can you explain this GM?Maybe you should start to check out those turbo for now on.
  • Definitely deserves the award, 40 km to 80 km on batteries. Recently i sold my car and was searching for hybrid cars and this one looks very interesting, just the price is a bit high but surely must be giving that much quality as well. ;)
  • Many Chevy dealers are declining to take more Volt hybrid electrics off of GM's hands. The car has been looked into by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over alleged safety issues. However, the investigation ended Monday in GM's favor. Still the car is having a difficult time in the industry. Resource for this article: Dealers turn down Volts even after NHTSA approval. However, the victory of GM Chevey Volt for being North America car of the year 2011 might be a positive view for Chevy. And thus, car enthusiast might change their minds for not purchasing the GM Chevey Volt.
  • 40 km to 80 km on batteries is really cool, does anyone have an real experience of driving it? wanna know the Top speed you can take it up to..
  • I loved the visuals and appearances of this vehicle. No doubt it can be mentioned as the Car of the Year. I hope I will get a chance to ride such too.