A new business initiative for Nigerian...ENLIGHTEN AFRICA. Read More.

ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is an initiative of Dr. Sirinan an entrepreneur and business founder from Thailand. ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is an initiative conceived to empower Africans through e-commerce and production. ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is looking to set up a shopping mall, production outfit with an e-commerce portal. ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is much into car spare parts, batteries, agro-allied materials, and consumable products.

ENLIGHTEN AFRICA for the first time is set to expand its business on the African soil and has chosen Nigeria as its starting point. This great company has a long time vision in the area of e-commerce and production. In view of this, this company went to secure land in ile-ife, which was formally sold to them by Ooni of Ife, in other to have their own production factory in Nigeria, starting from Ile Ife.

ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is Registered in Nigeria. 
Taking off in Lagos (The Mall is fast under renovation in MMA2 Lagos), and also working to open in each of the 36 states of Nigeria including FCT as next Mall, then Portharcourt in progressive turns! Both Registered and Non-registered members can buy "Everything" local, and foreign from their Malls all over at very attractive prices. 

ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is proposing several opportunities for interested individuals to benefit from like; the purchase of the franchise and Mobile store, Shareholding, membership benefits, and more. Earn 48% on sales as a franchise, and 18% on sales as a mobile store owner. 

The VISION of ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is to Build a platform that connects people to the global market. while the MISSION is to Provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunity for communities, empowering people with knowledge, and creating income generating activities to alleviate poverty.


Three Policies:
•   Build a lasting foundation
•   Create Timeless Brands 
•   Make Millions of Affiliates Wealthy.


Integrity: Our business foundation
Unity: Our source of strength 
Honesty: The philosophy of our management
Love: The Source of our progress

Watch the video of the mall set up in Lagos.

Below are also pictures of the founder's (Dr. Sirinan) visit to Ooni of Ife and more.

This is an opportunity I will encourage you to take advantage of, create another source of income for your self. The program is real and it is here to stay.

To become a franchise or mobile store owner, or For other information call these numbers:

We will guide you on the procedures. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.
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