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Kedi Qinghao: An Effective Treatment For All Forms of Malaria

  • Kedi Qinghao: An Effective Treatment For All Forms of Malaria

    Kedi Qinghao:

    Qingha health product is an effective herbal treatment for malaria registered with NAFDAC REG NO. A4-2077. Apart from curing malaria infection, it also has many other functions that make it unique from other malaria medicines.


    Malaria (Plasmodium Falciparum) - the most severe form of malaria, caused by the protozoon Plasmodium falciparum. The condition is characterized by extremely grave systemic symptoms, mild jaundice, mental confusion, enlarged spleen and liver, increased respiratory rate, edema, GI symptoms, and anemia. The parasite replicates so rapidly in erythrocytes that cerebral vessels may be obstructed. Falciparum malaria episodes do not last as long as other forms of malaria; if treatment is begun promptly, the disease may be mild and the recovery uneventful. Relapses are uncommon, but death may result from dehydration and anemia.

    Qinghao is an anti Malaria and Multi-drug resistant for Malaria.


    Prescription - 2 capsules single dose at initial diagnosis, and then 6,24 and 48 hours after.

    Kedi Qinghao price:
    Qinghao - N 2,300


    Kedi Health care (Health Focus Centre)

    Suite 6, Azeez adigun complex,
    opposite Siddy oil by eleha B/stop,
    Iyana-church,Iwo road, Ibadan,
    Oyo State.

    Mr.Emmanuel.O. Olabiran


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    by Reba McEntire

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