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Treat female infertility, painful menstruation and high blood sugar naturally

  • Treat female infertility, painful menstruation and high blood sugar naturally with this product; Golden Six


    Golden six food supplement with NAFDAC REG NO.A7-0466L is among the most regarded ancient Chinese herbal formula. It is

    widely used to nourish Yin of the Yin – Yang principles and it is the foundation for many other Chinese medicines.

    In traditional Chinese medicine, Yin is the womanish and negative principle of Yin, whereas Yang is the mannish and

    positive principle. A robust interaction and balance of Yin – Yang forms the basis of a good health.


    Category – (Life Essential)
    Prescription - 1 Tablet 2 times daily

    Golden Six is a Premier Tonic for Yin-Yang Balance.


    Female Infertility - Diminished or absent ability to produce offspring in females

    Rheumatic Fever, Painful Menstruation, Diabetes 2, Age Spots, High Blood Pressure, Stroke Sequela, Glycaemia (High blood

    sugar) - This may also refer to the presence of glucose in the blood.

    Fatigue - That state following a period of mental or bodily activity, characterized by a lessened capacity or motivation

    for work and a reduced efficiency of accomplishment, usually accompanied by a feeling of weariness, sleepiness,

    irritability, or loss of ambition. It may also occur when there is a sensation of boredom and lassitude due to absence of

    stimulation, or lack of interest in ones surroundings.

    Gout (Acute Arthritis of Toe & Joints) - Inflammation of a joint around the toe or other joints

    Health Benefit of Golden Six Food Supplement

        It relieves back pain caused by kidney – Yin deficiency.

        It relieves menopausal disorder which some of the symptoms are hectic fever, hot flush, sweating, palpitation, and

        It is for type 2 diabetes treatment.

        It relieves stroke sequela by releasing such syndromes as the language barrier, deflection of mouth etc.

        Golden six food supplement is nutrition for good health.

        It takes care of fatigue which could be caused by work stress and pressures.

        It boosts the immune system.

        Longevity: It protects against accelerated aging.

        It helps to lower blood sugar blood fat and blood pressure.

        It smooths the nerves and improves the functions of the kidney.

        It is helpful for female infertility and menstrual cramp. Note: women with fibroid should not use it.

    kedi golden six price:


    Kedi Health care (Health Focus Centre)

    Suite 6, Azeez adigun complex,
    opposite Siddy oil by eleha B/stop,
    Iyana-church,Iwo road, Ibadan,
    Oyo State.

    Mr.Emmanuel.O. Olabiran


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