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Tips for prospective NYSC corps members

  • Have you experienced the Youth Service programme? Do you have any advice and tips for prospective NYSC corps members? Share your tips, advice, and experience here.
    The Truth is Out There.
  • Here is a tip provided by a fan Abiodun Adenuga at our Facebook page, hope some  of it useful. All prospective NYSC members should should read this.

    As an experienced youth corps member currently serving in Benue state, when you are going to the NYSC camp, these are the materials you will need: photocopies of statement of result and original, NYSC call-up letter, photocopies and original 400L school id card, 15 passport photographs, Two pairs of round-neck shirts, shorts, a pair of tennis, spoon and fork, food flask, Detol, torchlight and Washing soap.

    Please you do not need to take along all your belongings to the NYSC camp as you will not be allowed to wear other cloths except on Sunday and when its 4pm, you have to change to your otondo white again. You are welcome.
    The Truth is Out There.
  • All major tips are available on google.