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Make 195% instantly with your Liberty Reserve account

  • I have found a site where you can make some easy money if
    you are prepared to sit in front of your computer for  1-2 hours daily, I would like to share my
    findings with you. Firstly, visit the site and read the rules as to how the
    game works, unfortunately, the text is only in English but if it helps I am
    fluent in Spanish and can translate it if it helps.

    Now, let’s make some money,

    IMPORTANT:  Only
    ever bet on either SAME or DIFF, do not panic if your first two bets lose on
    DIFF and change your bet to SAME or this system will not work.

    Your first bet must always be the minimum bet which is
    0.10$. if the bet wins, your second bet is again 0.10$. but if it loses, your
    second bet must increase to 0.25, if this bet loses you place another bet for 1.00$
    then if that bet loses( which it rarely does) your next bet is 3.00$, then 7,
    then 15.

    The most important rule to remember with this system is to
    only bet on either SAME or DIFF (for me that is the golden rule for this game),
    do not place one bet on SAME and the next on DIFF, or it will not work, and
    even more importantly, whenever  you have
    a winning bet, you must always make the next bet the minimum(i.e. 0.10$) or
    else the strategy will not work.

    I have been using this method for some time now and although
    it has not made me a millionaire, it has enabled me to keep a roof over my
    family’s head.

    Before visiting the site, you must remember the golden

    MOST IMPORTANT : Do not get greedy, when you have a
    winning bet you must make the next bet 0.10$ .

    If you follow these rules precisely I can assure you that
    you will be in profit from this game.

     God bless you all

    P.S: when I figure out how to do it, I will post my payment
    proofs here!

  • white">I also found an extremely effective way to generate income online:

    white"> The only things you'll need are:

    white">- An email address.

    white">- A liberty reserve account with at least $3 (it is free to sign up)

    white">- And just 15 - 30 minutes of your time.


    white">After all these, you have nothing to do and there's no limit to the
    amount of income you can generate from this one single business program.


    white">Let's get started.




    white">1. A liberty reserve account  

    white">2. $3 only.

    white">3. And a PC with Internet connection (the cyber café behind you is


    white">Now follow these steps:


    white">STEP 1 - Setting up your free liberty reserve account (if you already
    have an account, just skip this step to STEP 2, if not click here:


    white">STEP 2 - Funding your liberty reserve account using these Liberty
    Reserve exchangers:





    white">STEP 3 - Now all you have to do is send $1.00 by way of liberty reserve to each
    of the liberty reserve account listed below.

    white">After setting up your free liberty reserve account, confirming or
    verifying it and putting $3 into your liberty reserve account use the account
    tab on liberty reserve to transfer $1 to each of the numbers on the list. Then
    remove the top one (#1) and place your liberty reserve account number in the #3
    spot on the list of the numbers #1-#3.

    white">NOTE: Your liberty reserve account number becomes the #3, #2 becomes #1
    and #3 becomes #2.

    white"> The following are the liberty reserve numbers:


    white">1. U2037249

    white">2. U4828591

    white">3. U4790915


    STEP 4 - Adding your liberty reserve account number:

    white">After you send your three $1.00 payments, it's your turn to add your
    liberty reserve account number to the list.


    white">Delete the #1 liberty reserve account number off the list you see above,
    move the other numbers up one after the other (#3 becomes #2, #2 becomes
    #1.etc). Then put your liberty reserve account number on the list which makes
    it #3.


    STEP 5 - Send it to 200 email addresses and seat back at home to check your
    account the following day and see the amount of dollars that will pump your
    liberty reserve account. Do these every two days.

    white"> All you need is 200 emails , but remember, the more you post the more
    money you make - as well as everyone else on the list. In this situation, your
    job is to let as many people see this letter as possible. So they will make you