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NECO Result 2012 - Only 0.26% got Credit Pass in Physics

  • According to the NECO registrar the Nov/Dec NECO result for 2012 saw an improvement compared to 2010 and 2011. However, I cannot ignore the dismal performance in Physics. According to the breakdown of the NECO result only 0.26% got credit or above in a core science subject physics. This means that out of the 35,057 candidates that sat for physics only 84 made sufficient marks for admission.

    This means that our Engineering departments will probably have a had time finding qualified candidates to recruit this year. If you are being held by Physics, this is probably a big blow. But, hopefully you will be one of the 84 that made it. Other subject with dismal performance are Lit. in English (0.73%), Geography (1.63%), and CRK (6.51%).

    The Truth is Out There.