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  • Results of some of the core subject also show that out of 80,829 that registered for the paper, 72,887 sat for it while 16,650 or 22.84% had credit while 12,768 or 17.51% passed and 41,352 or 56,73% failed.

    In Chemistry 38,123 registered for it while 35,194 actually sat with 10,620 or 30.17% having credit 4,501 or 12.178% having pass while 18,974 or 53.91 % failed.

    Other core subjects like physics had 38,039 registered with 35,057 while 94 or 0.26% had credit, 8.74 or 2.49% having pass while  33,000 or 94.13% failed.

    Further mathematics had 3,564 registered with 2,310 setting, 352 or 15. 23% coming out with credit while 208 or 9.00% had pass with 40,501 or 71.92% failing the paper.

    Professor Okpala said the Council will continue to ensure appropriate standard and excellence before, during and after the examinations pointing out that with the effort put in the past years, the results being release and those to be release  in future will be reliable valid and credible.

    A comparative analysis of the results by subject depicts the improvement over the 3yrs. Period from 4.7% (2010) through 10.0% (2011) to 33.9% 2012 in English language and from 19.4% (2010) through 44.7% (2011) to 54.8% (2012) in mathematics.