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Join & Get Paid Directly To Your Bank Account

  • If you are one of those people who wants to make money online but you
    don't know how to start or get your money into your bank account here in
    Nigeria or where ever you are in this world or you want to be involved
    with a program that allows its member to withdrawal their money into
    their bank account,join this program.

       This program was designed in the year 2006 but started its
    operation fully in 2009 to help people eliminate poverty and raise money
    for whatever you need money for. Honestly,when i was introduced to this
    program,i thought it will be one of those ones i will check out and
    never have interest on it.But when i checked all the facts,i asked
    myself how come i never come across the program all these years.

     These program is having lot of benefits that will entice every
    living thing on this earth and it is an open program in the sense
    that,their address and phone number is listed on the front page for
    everyone to see and get in touch with them.Reading the facts on it,i was
    able to understand what i will be dealing with.

    On this program,it is very easy to make good money and get your
    money to your bank account because they pay their members through bank
    accounts.You don't need to have ecurrency accounts,all transactions are
    directly through your banks and they are making payments without you
    asking for it.Once the money is in your account,what you will see is
    alert from your bank that,you have received money from the site.I don't
    know of any other program that does this kind of payment.

       Like i mentioned earlier,there are lot of benefits from being a member of the site.They are :

    1.You will be earning N2000 ( $17 ) and N400 ( $3 ) multiple times as a member

    2. Access to free SMS

    3. Access to download ebooks and lot of software for free

    4.Opportunity to get help on other ways to make more money online.

    The person that told me got paid N40,000 ( $250 ) within 10 days of
    joining the program.It is a good and profitable business to embark
    upon.The earnings here are so fast.If you want to talk to them,their
    phone number is on the front page of the site including their
    address.They are hiding nothing. Those in charge really knows what they
    are doing.I read their blog posts and they are people who deep down
    their heart wants to help people eradicate poverty in this world.They
    went through lot of challenges but they were determined to fulfill what
    they had in mind which is helping people financially.

    This program had been operating for years.I said earlier that it
    started in the year 2006 and till now,they are getting alot stronger.
    When you are making your registration,there is a place where you must
    fill in your bank account details. This is to allow them send your money
    to you without you asking anything.You will just see the alert that you
    have been paid to your bank account.

         As a member,you will have opportunity to send free SMS to any
    number.I don't know of any other site that does this.Things are so great
    here,you need to join right now and enjoy all these benefits.

    For this to happen,you need to register.Click this link to go to the site - You will be asked to enter a Sponsor ID,enter my ID -  ebun003.Without a Sponsor ID,you can't do anything on the site.

    When you enter the ID,the site will confirm if the ID is correct.If
    it is correct,you will then be taken to the registration page.On that
    page,you need to enter the Sponsor ID - ebun003 once more and fill the
    form with your details including your Bank Account details.

        You can now log in when you are done and you will be taken to
    your Account Page.Your status will be ' Not Activated .As a Non
    Activated Member,you can't be paid or earn any money from the
    program.For you to start doing this,you need to activate your account by
    paying N3000 ( $20 ) .You can either pay this money using any of these
    methods :

             Go to any branch of Gurantee Trust Bank(GTB)
    and pay in your activation fee of N3,000 into this program Bank Account
    name & number below. After payment, go back to your Account Page and
    fill in your bank details for verification. As soon as your payment is
    verified by the Admin, your account will be activated in your member

    Acct No.


    Log In To Your WebNetNaira Account To Make Payment With Your Verve
    Card, Master Card, Visa Card or Interswitch. Activation Fee Using This
    Transaction Method is Three Thousand and Thirty Naira.(N 3,030). NOTE:
    Please copy your transaction number. It is very importance As You will
    use it to activate your account if your payment is successful.


    the money to me and will help you activate your account.You will send
    it to my bank account and give me the Username you used when making the
    registration.Once your payment had been confirmed,your account will be

      Note :

                If you registered and did not activate your
    account with N3000 ( $20 ),you won't be paid any money and there is no
    way your account will be active. As a member,you will be paid N2000 (
    $17 ) if you bring in new member that used Your ID to register. And if
    your referral now brings in new member too,you will also be paid N400 (
    $3 ) down five levels.

    For more updates,check my blogsite :