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BlackBerry 10 OS - RIM's Next OS for BlackBerry Phones & Tablets

  • BlackBerry 10 is the next operating system from RIM built to run on next generation BlackBerry phones and BlackBerry Tablets. BlackBerry 10 OS is completely different from the BlackBerry 7 OS powering current generation BlackBerry Phones. It is based on QNX, a Unix-like OS acquired by RIM in 2010. BlackBerry 10 will be launched on January 30, 2013.

    Details: BlackBerry 10

    Source: NaijaTechGuide
    The Truth is Out There.
  • Hi,
    The version of the BB 10 that was recently
    unveiled comes with a more complete set of features compared to the
    version that developers will be getting on their Dev Alpha hardware. And it is safe to assume that the latter version will closely approximate the final BB 10 version that will be launched early next year.