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How to Order Food Online

  • A lot is changing in Nigeria. Hellofood is a new service that allows your order food from select restaurants in your city and they will have it delivered to you in minutes. In case you are wondering how to order food online at Hellofood. This is an introductory step by step guide:

    1) Visit the Hellofood website and choose your city. For now only Lagos is supported,
    2) Choose your area in the city, since all restaurants do not deliver to every location in the city. Hellofood will display a list of restaurants that deliver food to your area.

    3) Choose your favourite restaurant from the list of restaurants
    4) Browse through their menu to select the food and/or drinks you want,
    5) Place your order. Just complete your order, you will pay when you receive the food.
    You will receive an SMS confirming your order and informing you of the delivery time.
    6) Your order will be delivered in 20 minutes to 60 minutes or in accordance with the order confirmation SMS.
    7) Receive your food at the door and pay cash to the delivery guy.

    For details of how to order food online, follow the link below:

    How to Order Food Online

    Source: Nigeria Technology Guide
    The Truth is Out There.
  • You can also order food online from