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How to Share your Internet Browsing Plan on Glo

  • With Glo Bolt you can share your internet plan on your numerous devices or with family and friends. This saves you from having to buy a separate plan for each mobile device. To share your internet plan, you have to first subscribe to a valid internet plan. My research shows that the N1,000 internet plan (Glo Always Micro) is not supported.

    You have to subscribe for at least the N3,000 internet plan (Glo Always Macro) if you want sharing to be active. To share your Glo Internet Plan, subscribe to a supported Glo Internet plan on one of your devices. Then follow the following steps on the device(s) you want to share the internet plan on

    1) Point your browser to
    2) Click on Share It
    3) Enter the number of the SIM in the device
    4) Click the plus (+) button
    5) Click Yes to confirm you wish to share

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