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Share your Glo Internet Browsing Plan on Glo Bolt

  • Glo now allows subscribers to share internet browsing plans. This is part of new features in the company’s rebranded internet service, Glo Bolt. In addition to sharing their internet browsing plans, Glo Bolt also allows subscribers to buy internet browsing plans and send as gift to friends and family. Just visit the Glo Self Care portal at to share your Glo Internet Browsing Plan on your other Glo devices or with family and friends.

    However only Glo Internet Plan from 1.5GB is share-able the rest are not.

    Source: Nigeria Technology Guide

    The Truth is Out There.
  • But we that we have globolt in abeokuta in ogun state the internet is very slow the 3G in not here only the etisalat is working fine here we the student we all keep our modem pls kindly find a solution to it our subsrition is just wasting pls..........