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Nigeria Custom Cars For Sale; 1st Hand New Tokunbo Cars For Sale at Little Cost.

  • Nigeria Custom cars for sale; 1st Hand New Tokunbo cars for sale here in Nigeria
    in customs ports by custom officers,this car are seized by different customs officers
    for illegal importation of this cars to the country; if you are interested in owning a very sound car
    at a very cheap rate; Rating from #180,000 upward; This a great Opportunity.

    This car are in different ports in Nigeria Awaiting removal by Clearance, you will get
    what ever clearance that is to get the cars out, this is a give-away price for all
    the sized cars by the custom officers at a very cheap rate.

    There are lot of cars raging from: Toyota;Acura SUV;Mercedes Benz;Honda;Busses;Trucks;Vans
    Ford SUV;Hyundai;Suzuki;Nissan;Power-Bikes. E.T.C

    If you are of interest in owning your personal car at Little cost call the Customs
    officers Agent for a real connection to get your dream cars at Little cost.

    NOTE:  Offer Valid While Stock Last; Money back guarantee:
    You Can Reach us Via Mail On:
                                                    Via Mobile On: 08136968286:
  • Is the sale of the cars is real because when you try them after all efforts someone we see it become a fruitless efforts.