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  • Hi, online income seekers/searchers, do not be deceived by turn your $2 or whatever amount they ask you to huge money in a day, week or month, nothing like PAY TO CLICK, READ EMAIL AND GET PAID OR PAY FOR SURVEY, THEY ARE ALL SCAM. THEY WILL ONLY BE WASTING YOUR QUALITY TIME FOR NO POSITIVE RESULT AT THE END OF THE DAY. The only easiest way for you to make your liberty reserve account smell dollars without any stress is by using either Freely got CC (credit card), Paid credit card or your own Credit card (my own credit card you asked? how? okay, I will show you how to get FREE VALID credit cards) to fund or transfer money into your liberty reserve account and from there to your Bank account.

    I will advise you to make use of Freely-got Credit Cards ( that you can get for free through the steps) preferable that of using Visa or Master Card, these are the requirements you need and you are in the right path to the wealth Lane. Now let me give you part of the steps; Open a new e-mail address in the name of the card holder ( the card holder name that you will get through the easy steps) I will show you) then sign up newly with liberty reserve in the name of card holder, make sure you have your own separate Liberty reserve where you wll quickly transfer your money to immediately you have confirmed that your new Liberty account is funded.

    CAUTION! Don't wait for 24hrs before this is done, but once fund has been transferred into your liberty Reserve then you are safe, lest I forget, before you can open the site I am giving you, make sure you change your IP (Internet Protocol) to Foreign IP but US IP is more preferable. If you do not know how to change it just visit proxy site like then enter the site.

    With this type of money making guidelines, you can make $200 or more every week depending on how much is on the credit card to transfer to your liberty reserve.

    If you are interested you will transfer $15 to U9955415 after paying send your email address, your batch number and your name to my email or if you have questions send a mail to or call 08093365496

    If you decide to pay in Naira you will pay N3000 to get the simple guide that will put you through call me to get the bank account you will pay into.

    P.S. I would have given out this information for FREE but because I do not want many people in the system so that they will not abuse it, I also paid $120 for it so that means you are get it virtually free.

    I only need 20 people after which I will shut the window of this opportunity.
  • I have funded my Liberty Reserve and just made some money (about 60 USD) from this website below:

    I have found a site where you can make some easy money if you are prepared to sit in front of your computer for 1-2 hours daily, I would like to share my findings with you. Firstly, visit the site and read the rules as to how the game works.

    Now, let’s make some money,
    IMPORTANT: Only ever bet on either SAME or DIFF (once you have chosen, keep betting the exact same button throughout your game, do not change) Do not panic if your first two bets lose on DIFF and change your bet to SAME or this system will not work.
    Your first bet must always be the minimum bet which is 0.25$. If the bet wins, your second bet is again 0.25$, but if it loses, your second bet must increase to 0.5$, if this bet loses you place another bet for 1.00$ then if that bet loses( which it rarely does) your next bet is 2.00$, then 3.00$, then 4.00$. I have never lost more than 5 times in a row and the money I make from the last bet will cover all my losses.
    The most important rule to remember with this system is to only bet on either SAME or DIFF (for me that is the golden rule for this game), do not place one bet on SAME and the next on DIFF, or it will not work, and even more importantly, whenever you have a winning bet, you must always make the next bet the minimum(i.e. 0.25$) or else the strategy will not work.
    I have been using this method for some time now and although it has not made me a millionaire, it has given quite a good income (40-55 USD an hour)
    Before visiting the site, you must remember the golden rules:
    MOST IMPORTANT : Do not get greedy, when you have a winning bet you must make the next bet 0.25$ .
    If you follow these rules precisely I can assure you that you will be in profit from this game.
    Good Luck
    P.S: when I figure out how to do it, I will post my payment proofs here!

    adechike martin