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Nigerian Political Party Symbols - Question 48

  • What are the symbols of these parties ACN, ANPP, APGA, CPC, NCP, and PDP?

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  • ACN has a broom, ANPP a maize, APGA a cock, CPC a pen and  flag, NCP a pair of eyes and PDP an umbrella.
  • ACN  have  broom  and hand  and green, white  and  blue background
    Apga  have  cock  with yellow background
    Cpc  have  a pen with  sky  blue  background
    Ncp have  two eyes with with backgound
    Pdp have  umbrella  with  red , white and  green background
  • ACN-broom
    ANPP-corn or maize
    NCP-pair of eyes
  • ACN broom, ANPP corn or maize, APGA, CPC, NCP a pair of eye, and PDP umbrella

    Terms and conditions apply.
  • ACN has a broom and hand with black,red white,blue green background, ANPP a maize, APGA a cock. With yellow background , CPC a pen/flag with sky background , NCP a pair of eyes white background. With plain background and PDP an umbrella with white ,red green
  • 1.ACN:action congress of nigeria has a hand holding a broom embedded in a three colours square,namely green,white and black.2ANPP:all nigeria people's party.They have a maize comb in the middle of a three colours square,that is green,white and blue 3.APGA:all progressive grand alliance they have a matured cock in a circle with a yellow backgroun.4.CPC:Conscience people's party.A sky blue flag with a pen embedded in the flag.5.NCP:National conscience party. A pair of a human eye and their colour is red,white and blue 6.PDP:People's democratic party.They have an umbrella with green,white and red colour respectively.
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    The Truth is Out There.
  • What are the logos and symbol of Nigerian Second Republic Political Parties?.