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Camp materials for NYSC Orientation

  • For those that have gotten their NYSC call up, proceed to the market and buy basic materials such as 2 pair of plain white canvas footwears, 2 white polo and short (large chase deer polo costs #500 and the shorts about #650, above ankle with  nysc inscription), 4 white stockings, towel, blanket, soap dish and sponge, waist bag, packet of hanky, back pack bag, clothes for entering the camp and the one to pass out with. 
  • Do not forget your credentials in case of any in camp registration and verification. Your place of primary assignment may also ask for them.
    The Truth is Out There.
  • Most less another important material but necessary is CONDOM
  • Ladies should also go with atleast 1 dozen of pampers
  • No condoms unles u want 2 be lockd in the guard room and publicly disgraced by the commandants  who must eventually catch u.practise abstinence for the three weeks
  • Camp materials for NYSC Orientation is the best particle.