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Mobile Phone

  • Which mobile phone is better from Nokia lumia 800 and Nokia lumia 710 and their features?
  • According to me,Nokia Lumia 800 is best. It has long battery life,much storage capacity,web browsing speed is excellent etc. So It is best.
  • I am an apple fun, I think it is the best.
  • I don't like Nokia smartPhone because the operating system is pretty much slow as we know that Nokia still using Symbian service. I like Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Desire HD and Apple iPhone 4GS.
  • Today Mobile phone is needs for all people.

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  • Well,if you were choosing between the two phones above, the Nokia 800 would probably bettery.If you have not to choose between these two,you can consider the Apple iphone,the iphone4s may cut price in your country too since the iphone5 has been released.
  • i think nokia based operating system is very slow.and it will be hanged more and more
  • Though, Nokia is much more reliable than any other mobile company, but unfortunately there are much more mobile phones of different companies also exists which are faster than Nokia, and almost as much reliable as Nokia.