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Activating 100MB and 1GB Airtel Internet Bundles - Question 10

  • What is the activation code for Airtel 100MB Internet Bundle and Airtel 1GB Internet Bundle? If a user's monthly internet requirement is 400MB, which of the two bundles will be more cost effective? First correct answer (in our judgment) gets a N200 Airtel Recharge PIN. Click Reply/Comment to answer. Typo errors will be penalised so check your spellings. Answer must be in English (British or American). Editing after posting is no-longer allowed. So read your response carefully before posting. Result in 1 to 2 hours.

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    The Truth is Out There.
  • *141*712*4#
    1gb Bundle
  • @larry your answer is wrong, besides the question requires three answers. Try again, you might still provide the first correct answer. Note that you are not allowed to edit. So answer via a new reply.
    The Truth is Out There.
  • Airtel Is-*141*712*4#.
    while For 1GB-*141*712*1#
    Cost Effect is (N 5000).
  • Is=*141*712*4#. (#1,000)
    1GB=*141*712*1# (#5,000)
  • The activation code for
    Airtel 100MB Internet Bundle is *141*712*4#(1000 naira) and
    Airtel 1GB Internet Bundle is *141*712*1#( 5000 naira). Since the user needs 400MB then the 100MB internet bundle is more costly effective as it will amount to 4000 naira monthly.
  • 100mb Is-*141*712*4#.
    while For 1GB-*141*712*1#
    cost effect is N4,000
  • Congratulations Kayrode, your answer has been chosen as the first correct answer. I will be sending you a personal message shortly.
    The Truth is Out There.